Applying for Residence in Portugal

Studying in Portugal

Article 91-A – Mobility of higher education students
Procedure for Communication of Mobility

Students of higher education holders of a residence permit issued by a Member State of the European Union and covered by European Union multilateral programmes with mobility measures, or by an agreement between the two or more institutions of higher education, are authorised to entry into national territory to study, partially, including to have a professional activity under article 97, for a maximum period of 360 days, provided SEF is informed until 30 days before the beginning of the mobility period.

The mobility communication, which may be carried out by the higher education institution, must be accompanied by:

  • Valid passport;
  • Copy of the Residence Permit issued by other Member State of his/her residence, valid for the totality of the period of stay;
  • Health Insurance of evidence in which he/she is covered by the National Health Service;
  • Evidence of the means of subsistence;
  • Evidence of having been admitted in a higher education institution under an EU mobility programme or an agreement with the higher education institution of origin;
  • Evidence of tuition payment, if applicable;
  • The granting of a residence permit shall entail: the absence of any fact which, if known to the competent authorities, would preclude the granting of the visa; Absence of conviction for a crime which in Portugal is punishable by a custodial sentence of more than one year; The applicant is not within a period of prohibition of entry into the national territory, following an expulsion measure from the country; No indication in the Schengen Information System; No indication in SEF’s Integrated Information System for non-admission purposes, under article 33 of the Aliens Act.
  • Communication of the mobility should preferably be done by mail to the institutional mailbox of the delegation or SEF’s regional office of the area of the higher educational institution
  • The residence permit will not be issued as follows: SEF will issue a declaration attesting that the applicant is authorised, or not, to stay in National Territory and to enjoy the rights provided by law, in particular article 83 of REPSAE.
  • The following administrative offences apply: Article 198 of the Aliens Act (Unauthorized independent professional activity); Article 199 of the Aliens Act (No travel document).