Extending Stay in Portugal

Foreign citizens who have been admitted in national territory under the provisions of this Act and wish to remain in the Country for a period which exceeds that originally permitted may be granted an extension of stay.

Short-stay Visas and Visa Waiver/Temporary Visas/Residence Visas holders should apply to the SEF to extend their stay (visa renewal).

SEF has a pre-booking system whereby the appointment for any customer service bureau can be booked either by telephone or on line, scheduling a date and time for SEF’s personal customer service.​

According to Decree-Law n.º 87-A/2020, 15 October, documents and visas for stay in the national territory which validity has expired as from 24 February 2020, are accepted (if valid) under the same conditions, until march 31st 2021. Its extension after 31-03-2021 is accepted as long as its holder has supporting evidence in which the schedule for the extension is already been done.

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