Visiting SEF

To take care of the documentation in Portugal, the foreign national shall visit the customer service bureaus of the Immigration and Borders Service.

SEF has a pre-booking system whereby the appointments for any customer service bureau can be booked either by telephone or online, providing their services in different bureaus.

The appointment may be sent to any SEF’s directorate or regional delegation, regardless the area of residence of the foreign national.

The supporting evidence of the appointment made, with the date, place and time of the appointment, will be send to the user by e-mail.

In addition, SEF provides an alert system by texting the day before the appointment with the date, place and time of the event.

The setup of the pre-booking system, with the date and time of the personal customer service, removes queues and diminishes waiting times.

SEF Call Centre

Pre-booking by telephone is mandatory for scheduling meetings in SEF’s bureaus. SEF offers the possibility of scheduling your appointment by telephone, by SEF’s Call Centre.

Exception: lawyers and solicitors into the act itself, in particular consultation of processes or information, and the foreign national must always ensure the corresponding appointment even when accompanied by them (legal representative).

This feature in SEF’s website is available for applicants, holders of a valid residence permit, residence card, short stay visa or temporary stay visa, who want to:

  • Renew your Residence Permit;​
  • Renew your Residence Card (applicable to EU citizens)
  • Extend your period of permanence (applicable to holders of short stay visa or temporary stay visa)

At Personal Area at SEF website the applicants may manage their booking and schedule, reschedule or cancel a meeting with SEF.

Citizens who have entered the country without a visa requirement shall schedule a meeting to extend their period of stay through SEF’s Call Centre.